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This is a 5 day masterclass for Sculptors, Character Designers, 3D-Modellers and Hobbyists.

Prior traditional sculpting experience will help but is NOT required. Romain will adjust his methodology and instructions upon each student’s skill level.

Romain Van den Bogaert regularly shares with students his remarkable process to design and sculpt classic portraits as well as fantasy inspired busts, from the basic forms to the finest details. Students will receive one to one sculpting instruction using Chavant NSP Medium. They also will be encouraged to explore their own styles.

The purpose of Romain’s workshops is to teach students how to follow a structured sculpting process. Various subjects are reviewed using educational references and examples: Anatomy, facial expressions, gender variation, ageing, composition or dynamism. Students also learn how to make varied textures (wrinkles, hair, fur, horns etc. ..). Portrait projects will vary in size from 1/3 to 1/8 to life-size. Finished pieces are not the goal of the classes though students are welcome to keep any or all of the projects that they have created.

Core Principles:

  • Character design
  • Portraiture
  • Anatomy
  • Traditional sculpting methods
  • Facial emotion design

What you’ll learn:

  • Basic and advanced traditional sculpting techniques
  • Detailed facial emotion breakdown
  • Anatomy, gesture and balance of the upper torso of a character
  • Character design consistency

What you need:

  • Chavant NSP Medium 1,5 blocks
  • Sculpting Equipment
  • A box for transporting your sculpture
  • Sketchbook/paper and pencil
  • Stands, glue, wires etc. are provided by us

About the Instructor

Romain van den Bogaert
Romain van den BogaertSculptor and Character Designer
His fascination for volumes, shapes and malleable materials manifested at an early age, a passion that was to become a lifelong creative pursuit. Romain completed a PhD on clay structure in soils at “Aix-Marseille University”, and since 2015 has dedicated himself entirely to sculpture, with many of his creations now edited and used by various companies.
Romain’s creations draw inspiration from legends and lost civilisations, his work effortlessly traversing a multitude of cultures and eras while retaining a distinctive unifying style. Many of his sculptures possess a dream-like, otherworldly quality, yet remain strikingly present as each character’s vitality is faithfully captured in their meticulously crafted expressions and animated gestures. Indeed, each sculpture seems to act as a portal to a comprehensive but hidden world, whose richness is hinted at in every impish glance, arch smile, and rictus of mischief. Romain innovatively fuses his sound understanding of ancient forms with contemporary developments in his medium, producing a varied cast of unique characters occupying an enigmatic realm between fantasy and reality.

Workshop Schedule

armature building / types of clays / types of tools / 2D design of the character / basic shapes

basic shapes / gesture / secondary forms

secondary forms / focus on head / facial emotions

tertiary forms / skin texture / hair texture

skin texture / hair texture / detailing / cleaning / smoothing

Daily Schedule

9:30 – 12:30 Workshop
12:30 – 13:30 Mittagessen
13:30-17:30 Workshop

The Venue

The workshop is held at the Erzherzog-Johan-Salon (John of Austria Saloon) in Graz. The venue is easily accessible by car and public transport. There’s a basement carpark (10€/day) right below the venue and the next bus stop is 300 metres away (bus line 40, direction “Gösting”; bus station: “Anton-Kleinoscheg-Strasse”). We’ve also got a bakery/cafe (“Auer”) and a supermarket right next to our venue. The cafe serves delicious coffee, snacks and breakfast, so we can definitely recommend it to those who want to meet beforehand and enjoy breakfast together.

Please take a look at our page “location” for travel advice and apartment recommendations. If you need more help (plane, train, bus tickets, free parking options etc.) contact us at: contact@carbon-black.design