Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions2019-04-16T16:41:49+02:00


Is the workshop accessible for wheelchairs?2019-06-02T10:25:50+02:00

Please take a look at the individual workshop pages. We try to make our events accessible for everyone, but unfortunately not every location that is visited during a workshop is wheelchair friendly.


Which payment options do you offer?2019-06-02T11:02:11+02:00

We offer PayPal and bank transfer. Please don’t be irritated by the fact that wire transfer ticket price is 0€. The reason is simple: it prevents overbooking. By purchasing the ticket you automatically register and secure your spot for the workshop, which means that an event cannot be overbooked.


Choose the ticket type called “PayPal” if you want to pay with PayPal.

Bank Transfer:

Select “Bank Transfer” if you want to pay by bank transfer and wire the money to our bank account within 10 days.  Your spot is reserved for 10 days, so please make sure to pay in time.

If you need help or if there’s an issue with your PayPal account or bank transfer, please contact us: We’re always there to help!


Reservation/Waiting list

The workshop is sold out. What now?2019-06-02T11:05:14+02:00

We are sorry to hear that you didn’t get a spot. Seats are strictly limited and tickets are sold on a first come first serve basis. We suggest that you sign up for our newsletter and follow us on our social media channels; if a free spot opens up, we will announce it there.


How do refunds work?2019-02-15T09:51:36+02:00

If participants want to get a refund, the following conditions apply:

  • 100% refund: 61 days prior to the workshop or more
  • 50% refund: 60 – 45 days prior to the workshop
  • 0% refund: 44 days prior to the workshop or less

CB reserves the right to charge a service fee of 5% of the workshop’s full price, regardless the situation. Participants have the option to find someone who takes their place instead. However, the person replacing them must also meet the course requirements. Please contact CB when you want to give your ticket to someone else:

If a workshop has to be cancelled by CB for any reason, participants receive a full refund of the purchase price and no service fee will be charged.

a. How to claim a refund

Participants can claim a refund via email CB will respond within 7 business days. Participants are responsible for ensuring that CB receives their refund claims. Therefore CB advises participants to send a read confirmation. If participants have not received an answer from CB within 7 business days, CB kindly asks participants to contact CB again. CB cannot be made liable for any damages or incurred costs that are a result of failed communication.

b. How the amount of refund is calculated

The amount of money that is returned depends on the day the email has been received by CB. CB is located in Austria, therefore CET/CEST applies.

c. How refunds are paid

CB refunds money received using the same payment method participants used for purchasing their ticket. CB agrees to return the money within 21 days, starting with the day CB has informed participants per email that CB accepts their claim for refund.

d. Group refunds

For group refunds the same conditions apply as for single ticket purchases.

Can I give my ticket to someone else?2019-06-02T11:07:01+02:00

Generally a ticket is only valid for the person who bought the ticket. However, in case of illnesses, accidents or other particulars, you can contact us about a ticket transfer. Please keep in mind that our decision depends on your individual case and that we are not obliged to grant ticket transfers. Transferred tickets are also not refundable under any circumstances! If you still want to contact us about a ticket transfer, please write us an email:

Do you need a minimum number of participants for a workshops to take place?2019-04-16T19:03:52+02:00

Yes, at least 10 people have to register for a workshop. If the number of registrations is insufficient, Carbon Black reserves the right to cancel a workshop at least 4 weeks before the event starts. In this case you will receive a 100% refund.

Ticket Options

How long are ticket sales open?2019-06-02T11:07:37+02:00

The option to buy tickets/register for the waiting list closes a few days before the workshop starts. Please contact us for last minute purchases:

Which ticket types do you offer?2019-06-02T11:05:50+02:00

CB offers standard tickets and Early Bird tickets. In some cases we offer other discounts. Please contact us about discounts for group purchases (3 tickets or more):

Is there any difference between the ticket types?2019-02-12T00:10:37+02:00

There is no difference in the ticket types other than price.

How do Early Bird tickets work?2019-02-15T09:55:56+02:00

Early Bird tickets are only available for a limited amount of time. If you do not see the option Early Bird when you want to buy a ticket for one of our workshops, then you have come to late.

Why do the ticket prices differ?2019-06-02T10:19:50+02:00

The ticket prices depend on various factors, such as the fee the instructor charges, rent for the venue, travel costs etc. Some workshops are all inklusive, which means that lunch, snacks, drinks and art supplies are included, and if we have models on sight, they want to get paid as well.


What’s included in the ticket price?2019-06-02T10:35:29+02:00

This varies from workshop to workshop, so please take a look at the individual event pages.

Usually snacks and drinks served at our venue are for free. When lunch is included as well, we offer a selection of meals based on your preferences (vegan, vegetarian, meat, lactose free etc.). This is why we ask all our participants to fill out a food survey 😉

If the description states that art supplies are included, we provide you with the tools and materials that are needed during a workshop. You are of course free to bring your own supplies.

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