About Carbon Black

For many years I’ve been longing to work as a Concept Artist in the entertainment industry and to create worlds no one has ever seen before. I’ve always had plenty of ideas for stories, characters, and designs, but I was lacking the necessary skills to turn my ideas into reality. In 2017 I finally made a choice: I decided to give up my job as a video game translator and pursue a career as an artist instead. This time it was more than just the usual New Year’s resolution: as of January 2018, I fully devoted my time to drawing. I opted for an online program because there weren’t any opportunities to learn from veterans of the film and gaming industry anywhere near me. Within weeks my skills improved dramatically and I’ve made sincere progress ever since. Getting personal feedback from top-notch artists is the key to success and there is no better way to learn, believe me!

But as good as online education can be, there’s nothing better than sitting in a real classroom full of like-minded people. You talk to your teachers and peers face-to-face, learn from one another and make friends for life! Since it’s always been my wish to have a such an opportunity in my area, I founded Carbon Black – Entertainment Design Workshops.

– Silvia Wipfler, the Founder of the Carbon Black, Entertainment Design Workshops

Meet The Team

Silvia Wipfler


Silvia is a cat-loving enthusiast who never wanted to be like the average kid. She’s always paved her own roads and founded her first company when she was 23. After working as a translator in the gaming industry for a few years, she finally went back to her true passion: drawing. When she’s not occupied with CB, she’s out running, cycling or working out at the gym.

Simon Seitz


Simon likes to sketch portraits of random people in cafes, or draw chain comics together with friends in a pub.
Besides this art hobby he has been designing and building user interfaces for video games for most of the last 10 years.
He also enjoys doing volunteer work, not just for art events but other organisations as well.

Iveta Doležalová


Iveta is a freelance illustrator working in the game industry. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling and playing games. She strives to improve her art skills and perhaps use them to create her own indie game in the future.